Dr. Micah Allen

Research on the neurobiology of embodied predictive processing. 

18119410_10106501919118812_7956250050664262621_n (1)I’m a Research Associate at the UCL Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging and the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, where I work with Professor Geraint Rees and Karl J Friston on embodied, visual, and metacognitive inference. My work combines quantitative and functional neuroimaging, computational modelling, and connectomics to understand how the body shapes the mind. My research spans a variety of  topics but collectively examines how signals arising from the body (e.g., interoceptive, somatosensory, and nociceptive) influence perceptual awareness and metacognitive monitoring, and psycho-pathological disruptions thereof.

You can find our latest publications here and here (Google Scholar). Read more about our research here. My CV is here. You can also keep up with my thoughts on cognitive science and neuroscience at my blog, Neuroconscience. Here is a summary of our research impact.